8 Core Exercise Progression

If you don’t like crunches you’re in luck! There are many ways to stabilize and strengthen your core without resorting to jamming up your facet joints (back joints) as you do when you do sit ups.

Here is a progression of 8 exercises that keeps your spine neutral and safe from potential injury.

As you see my movement is not big. I’m only going as far as I can before my low back and my pelvis start to break apart. The goal is to keep the lumbar/pelvic complex as solid as possible. As soon as you feel like you’re starting to lose that stability you come back out of the movement!

Use this progression without a band at first and when you become confident in the movement add in more resistance!

Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program. Always move within a pain free range of motion!

Happy stabilizing!

How to turn challenges into experiences!

Since we are all creatures of habit we tend to spend most of our days in auto pilot mode.

It might be the long commute to work, or the clock at the beginning of a fitness class that leaves you feeling discouraged before you even begin your journey.

Here’s a challenge for you: turn to the side and see things in a new light.

If you’re sitting on the train or on the bus going to work, turn to the side and pay attention to who is around you. This is your community. You’re all doing the same thing at the same time every single day. If you can enjoy that time with each other and feel like you’re a part of something that you all share the journey might not be so challenging.

If you’re just starting a fitness class that you go to regularly and are simply showing up out of habit see how you can be more present. Once again, turn to the side and see who’s moving with you. These people might all be going through the motions just like you. Once you feel like you belong to something WITH other people it can make you feel excited to get started and experience something together.

The struggle is often that we HAVE to do something that’s never going to change. If we dread doing it every time we do it, then we’re miserable, and we’re always going to be miserable. Somehow we have to figure out how to get over the fact that we have to do something, and figure out how to experience it rather then let it sabotage us.

The video below is what my run looks like. There are many days where I look at the long road ahead of me and feel as though I’m just going through the motions. Then something will catch my eye, like a beautiful sunrise, or an animal that scurries out of my way. These interruptions in my routine make me turn and take in experiences that I otherwise would pass by unnoticed.

I hope these examples act as inspiration to change the way you’re looking at something that’s dragging you down on a daily basis. The perspective shift can leave you with an experience rather than a challenge!


I’m looking for small businesses to transform…

If you’re running a small business and want to take your company to the next level and improve your employees lives in the process, I can get you there by teaching you a cost effective and easy to implement wellness strategy, that has the power to improve employee productivity, office morale, wellness and company bottom lines!

I have been listening to employees like yours for 10 years in my treatment room. 

I have helped clients overcome stressors that were destroying their personal lives and affecting their work life with a very simple strategy.



Rianna has been self employed working with personal training clients and clients in her alternative medicine practice since 2006.

Over the last 10 years Rianna has built relationships with her clients that went beyond the gym and treatment room. Rianna’s clients were dealing with all kinds of work stress and personal stress that were affecting their ability to succeed in their life goals, their health included. 

Rianna feels employers can make a difference in the wellbeing of their staff by making simple shifts to improve the workplace. 

#Gotyourmat is a strategy that people and companies can use to make healthy living easy. Rianna’s mission is to keep people moving, decrease people’s stress and improve their quality of life.

If you’d like to listen to Rianna’s FREE workshop to learn more please sign up below:


1 teacher is saving and shaping her students lives with yoga

sarah1 teacher is saving and shaping her students lives with yoga!

by Rianna Poskin

In order to keep things confidential I’ll call my friend Mrs. Z

Mrs. Z (the head of her high school phys ed department) was asked to start a yoga program within her high school in order to reach more students and encourage them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Mrs. Z was all about this but the problem was that she wasn’t a yoga instructor. In order to kick off this new course within the school she would have to become a yoga instructor. After 200 + hours of training (on her own time) Mrs Z was qualified to teach yoga!

What has happened from the effort that Mrs. Z put into providing this space for her students is beyond incredible!

group corpse

The overall objectives from the course are:

  • Giving the students a safe place to go during the day where they can let go.
  • Letting go of school work, arguments with friends and parents, part-time jobs, extra-curricular activities, in order to generate balance on and off the mat.  
  • Providing a place where they can be themselves and have time for themselves.
  • Yoga means union so having the girls come together is important in the class, but also to grow individually.
  • Building confidence, strength, self-esteem and self-love.
  • Generating mindfulness.
  • Creating coping skills to deal with emotions including depression and anxiety. 
  • Empowering women and empowering ourselves.

group huddle

“We are a tribe of women lifting, supporting and loving each other.” Mrs. Z

One component of this course is to journal. In order to create a healthy practice the mind is incorporated into the students learning.

Mrs. Z will ask students to release anything that they’re holding inside, through journalling, in order to help heal, process and grow.

Students don’t have to share everything that they write down with Mrs. Z, but what she is finding is that the students want to.

Through paper and pen these students can tell someone, a safe someone, their emotions, stories, and conversations without judgement.

With all of the negativity that surrounds young people this class is giving an opportunity to cope and feel safe.

group downdog

It’s not just about the movement on the mat. It’s the process and the teachings of yoga that allow a person to become balanced in mind, body and in spirit on and off the mat.

The teachings that these students are learning at such a young age will help them deal with many situations in the future.

group tree

If you have a young person at home who:

  • isn’t athletic
  • tried to play a sport but didn’t make the team
  • won’t talk to you
  • is reacting negatively
  • has had hardship in their life
  • is introverted
  • is lonely
  • isn’t self confident
  • has body image problems…

See if yoga is something they’d be open to trying.

We can provide our young people with the tools to empower themselves, grow as individuals, release internal stress, and become self confident, we just have to see if it’s a good fit!

Look around your area and see who offers yoga programs and how you can encourage your young person to start practicing!

If they’re not comfortable going anywhere all they need is a small space, the comfort of their mat and the desire to work on themselves!

Let Mrs Z be the example, changing lives 1 mat at a time! #gotyourmat?

My friends and I made a little video!

creedThe image above has turned into my manifesto! 
There are so many things to strive for and I’ve narrowed it down to some of my main priorities.
What’s important for you?
With this image in mind, I created a little video with some friends. I hope it will inspire us all to keep moving and stay healthy.
It doesn’t have to be a struggle to stay on track, 1 habit at a time and we’ll start creating an awesome lifestyle!
Here’s my challenge for you: Focus on the positive things around you, and write them down at the end of the day. Finish your day looking at all of the great things that are going on on a regular basis. When we look for the right things, they start to appear!
I hope you enjoy:

Never feel guilty again!

sorryNever feel guilty again!


Rianna Poskin

Guilt affects us differently depending on how we were raised. There can be deep emotional turmoil when we feel guilt because of events that hurt us early in life that continue to shape us in the future. 

This is a lovely short story that shows us that we don’t have to feel guilty ever again so long as we are honest and treat people well.

My friend and I met up and she said “you won’t believe what just happened“.

The previous day she decided to take extra time finding a perfect parking spot to accommodate shuffling her 3 kids to activities at a recreation centre.

She took the kids inside for their activities.

While she was busy inside a young man driving a big truck with extra big tires misjudged his turn into the parking lot and swiped the side of her perfectly parked mini van.

He check the damage of his truck and it was surprisingly not damaged.

He checked the damage on her van and knew it wasn’t drivable.

Within the last 6 months I’ve seen 2 of my friends post on FaceBook how mad they were that their cars were damaged while parked without any admission of guilt from the other driver. This is becoming the norm. If no one is watching people feel the need to flee rather than stand up to being accountable for their mistake.

The young man that hit my friends care looked for her for 30 minutes. When he finally found her he looked so distraught he might start to cry.

Since my friend and her children were not in the car, she wasn’t upset, and was relieved that he was honest enough to come and find her.

As they walked to their cars to assess the damage the front bumper crashed down to the ground.

Yes this young man felt awful, yes he felt embarrassed, but he won’t have to feel GUILTY for leaving a Mom with 3 kids stranded in a parking lot for the rest of his life.

The bravest, the strongest, and the people with the most integrity are great people when they’re up, and they’re even better people when they’re down.

Remember this the next time something happens to you. You always have a choice. It feels so much better if you take the high road.

No guilt, no stress.

Lesson learned!

A Cool Way To Support Breast Cancer Research!



For all my friends that have been touched by a story, a life, a friend, a loved one that has been diagnosed with breast cancer I have something cool to help fighting the fight:

We all know the benefits of exercise in order to optimize our health. Not all of us have the same ability to move and work out, but there is something that we ALL can do no matter what our fitness capabilities to stay healthy: WE CAN MOVE!

Simple right?

Just by moving we can help our respiratory system, our lymphatic system, our circulatory system and our digestive system.

All of these systems work together to keep us healthy.

When someone is diagnosed with a disease or illness, negative emotions start to take over.


The stress that comes from worry, fear, anxiety, resentment and depression wreaks havoc on a person’s health.

If someone is trying to get healthy, the last thing that they should do is get stressed out.

A cool and trendy way to combat stress is to exercise. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout, it doesn’t have to be for very long, it just has to be enough to initiate a response from the body.

The problem: Most people don’t take time to move and more people are getting sick.

The solution: People can move anywhere and anytime very easily! 

There’s 1 cool tool that can inspire movement, anytime and anywhere.

A yoga mat.

Yoga mats can be carried in a backpack, can go on an airplane, can go in a car, can be stored easily at the office and can be tucked away in a corner of a home. When time opens up, all you have to do is open up your mat and move!

Now here’s where the cool part of supporting breast cancer comes in:

My partner: Jade Yoga will donate $5 for every pink “Harmony” yoga mat sold. 



The color is beautiful, the yoga mat is the best on the market, and the mat in itself can become the image a person needs to stay strong, be inspired to take small steps to improve their health, and to focus on empowering themselves, rather than stressing out.

A morning meditation, an afternoon stretch and a nighttime yoga sequence can calm the mind and help maintain a healthy body.

All you need is your mat!

Whether you have been affected by Breast Cancer or not, keeping a calm and stress-free mind can drastically improve your everyday life.

Unroll a yoga mat, move everyday and see what other healthy habits develop!

Support the cause today and purchase a beautiful mat for yourself, or for a loved one, and make a contribution to help fighting the fight against breast cancer.

breast cancer


Ways to stay active while on vacation:

ball game
Ways to Stay Active While on Vacation:
Rianna Poskin
I used to be embarrassed when someone would stare at me, wondering what I was up to. I love exercising outside and I used to look for places where there weren’t others around so I could do push ups or sprints without bothering anyone else. Now I don’t have as much time to hunt down remote places so I just do what I can wherever I am!
I’d love to inspire people to try different exercises wherever they can and get over potentially feeling embarrassed because they’re doing something no on else is doing. 
When you’re on vacation you have to take small moments of time when you can!
My mission is movement, the #gotyourmat movement! Move anywhere, anytime. 
Here’s a few snaps from our vacation in Florida showing that no matter where you are, no matter what you do for a living, and no matter what your fitness ability, (keep in mind I just had my appendix out) you can all find ways to move.
All I bring is my mat and I’m ready…
At the airport..
Outside the condo…
At the beach…
Out of the car….
It doesn’t have to be a long session, it doesn’t have to be challenging, it just takes the desire to try! One small change in habit will amount to many more, and many more will turn into a lifestyle!
My partner in healthy living is Jade Yoga.
Not only are the yoga mats comfortable, designed with amazing grip and environmentally friendly, they look beautiful and they make a difference for all of us! 
Jade Yoga donates to health charities as well as plants 1 tree for every yoga mat sold!
Click below to purchase your mat and learn about a company that is making a difference 1 mat at a time!
It’s easy to move while on vacation! 1 daily healthy habit will keep you on track while you’re away, and make you feel great upon your return!
Happy moving and happy vacationing!

Important tip after Laparoscopic surgery!

need to know
Important tip after Laparoscopic Surgery!
Rianna Poskin
I hope you’re feeling well! When you’re not feeling well it really takes its tole! I was on a role at the beginning of the week and out of no where I end up in the hospital having an appendectomy! 
This clearly was not my original plan for the day!
The reason I’m telling you this is because my surgeon was not very chatty and helpful unfortunately. He did a great job in the operating room which is his job, and I’m so thankful for that, but I felt like he left out a few key details that would have been really helpful.
Since I found out what it feels like to have a laparoscopic surgery I thought I’d pass along what really helped me!
When they fill you up with gas in order to see your organs properly the gas stays for a few days. It gets trapped and spreads to different areas of the body. 2 areas that are very common are the shoulders and the ribcage.
The pain from the gas taking up space in these areas is brutally painful! I had 3 babies without any meds and I was almost reaching for Tylenol 3’s from this pain! Crazy right?
Before I took any meds I did a quick google search and found many people found relief from Peppermint tea and moving around.
I already had moved quite a bit as I was feeling ok on my feet so I thought I’d try the peppermint approach. Instead of tea I used Peppermint essential oil (EO) because 1 drop of it is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea.
I was going to throw everything at this gas that I could!
No lie within 10 minutes of using a carrier oil (olive oil) with 2 drops of Peppermint (EO) the pain was completely gone!!!
I’m telling you this because my surgeon failed to tell me that I would experience this pain after surgery and I wasn’t prepared to take care of it besides having pain killers on hand.
I don’t like to mask anything for fear of not knowing how my body is healing. 
I don’t wish any surgery on any of you but if you find yourself or your loved ones needing a laparoscopic surgery this information can help! 
Keep in mind that peppermint (EO) is not safe for children or babies as it contains menthol which can affect a child’s respiratory system in a negative way.
For all the adults however, keep this oil on hand for when colds, flus, digestive upset, and in my case pain arise!
I hope you are healthy and well!

Respect to the hard working farming community

farmers market

Respect to the hard working farming community


Rianna Poskin


(Photo with : https://www.facebook.com/stapletonsfarmmarket/)


Week after week I attend the Farmers Market. I’m a quick shopper, I know what I want, and I zip around in about 20 minutes.

It’s a luxury to get fresh and local produce and products. The people that provide this food for us work their tales off and often we don’t think much about it.

So here’s a little taste….

Picture the family that are in the image above. When I arrive at the farmers market I see The Stapleton family ready to sell their produce with smiles on their faces.

What I don’t see is them arriving at the crack of dawn setting up their stand. They are at multiple markets throughout the week which means that they are up early, driving, loading, and unloading more then I know!

The whole family; Mom, Dad and kids are there working on market day. On this particular day that we took this photo, my kids were at home having pancakes relaxing.

Selling at the market in itself is a lot of work and hours being on foot.

We have yet to factor in the hours on the farm.

At the beginning of the farming season the soil needs to be prepared, then seeds need to be planted, then fertilized, and on and on and on….

The end product is beautiful fruits and vegetable prepared in an appealing way for the consumer.

What we don’t see are all of the plants and produce that didn’t make it. All of the hard work that went into plants that didn’t get enough rain, got too much rain, or didn’t have the right elements to produce something worth harvesting, is wasted.

We take for granted the end product at the farmers market. It is hours of hard work and sacrifice from very hard working people. What they do allows us to zip around for 20 minutes and receive, literally, the fruits of their labour!

How lucky are we to live in a place where we have the variety of foods that we do.

Please remember who makes this all possible for us, respect the hard working farming community!