Get Those Kids Moving!

Keep those kids moving!

Hi Everyone! I was just at my local drop in playgroup with my boys. There’s a really great event coming up May 20th, 2014 that we’re going to participate in called YMCA Kids challenge. This challenge is to get together across the province participating in movement!

Our local “Y” will have activities for the kids to do all together on this specific event day. It’ll be great exercise, community involvement and a way to fundraise for all of the hard work the YMCA does year round.

The YMCA has an AMAZING program called “The Early Years” across Ontario. This program is government funded. Preschool aged kids can go to any activity they want, accompanied by an adult, for free! I go all of the time. Since I’m a stay at home mom my kids don’t socialize as they would in other preschool programs. By attending these Early Year programs my kids socialize, have fun and learn. The people running the programs are educated in Early Education. They are so great with the kids.

The baby’s can go to Mom and Baby yoga, music programs, Stroller fit classes, and more. The older preschoolers can do arts and crafts, story time, music programs, gym activities, and more. Every day of the week has something going on. If the vibe is good in my house that particular day we head down to the center and hang out for a few hours. Sometimes when the vibe is not so good these programs are a life safer in getting us out of the house and changing the energy!

The really great part is that if you have to leave for any reason there’s no monetary loss if something comes up! Sometimes we force our kids to participate when they’re just not into it. This program lets them feel out a whole range of activities to open our children up to new experiences.

Not only are these programs great for the kids, but for the parents as well. I never felt truly connected when I moved to my new town until I had kids. My kids forced me to get out of my comfort zone and meet all kinds of new people. The feeling of walking into an environment full of familiar faces is so inviting! I feel good socializing with other parents as well as my kids. I’ve made life-changing relationships through these programs and I am really grateful to have found them.

Look into this in your community. The program across Ontario is the “Early Years”. You might have something similar! As a new parent experiencing all aspects of parenthood I really recommend getting out, talking with other parents, and learning from Child Educators. It’ll make the transition into this new stage of your life really enjoyable!


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