How To Work Out With Your Kids


There are only so many hours in the day. I often got weighed down trying to fit in as much as possible in a day. Some days are better than others and I’ve learned to role with it. I am getting better at keeping my days simple and fun!

My hardest adjustment when I became a parent was not having as much personal time anymore. I was constantly my own roadblock because I felt like things could be done the same as they were pre-babies. This caught up on me quickly and I realized life was not the same anymore! I realized that if I wanted to be able to do a lot of the same daily activities as before having my kids, my kids would now be incorporated.

I kept on hearing people say that when their babies were sleeping they’d do dishes, clean the house and do laundry. That seemed like a decent way to keep everything in order. But that didn’t work out for me for very long. I really didn’t want to be doing those tasks on my few moments of quiet time. So I changed things up! My kids are young so they think helping me is fun…that will probably soon change…but in the mean time I can clean and do laundry with my kids and I feel they’ll be better for it.

That brings me to fitting in my workouts.

I wanted uninterrupted “me” time and would wait until the kids were asleep before going for a run or working out. But there were some brutal nights, well weeks, well months, ok close to 2 years of sleeplessness! By the end of the day I was done, spent, exhausted. Again something would have to change. We were hoping the sleep business would change but while it wasn’t I had to workout during the day other wise it just wasn’t going to happen.

When I first started working out with my kids I would get frustrated because I would often be interrupted. I was expecting too much from my kids and it just wasn’t always working. I quickly came to the realization that they weren’t the problem, I was! I had to change the way I thought about my expectations. More movement was better than none, so whatever I could get in was what I was going to have to accept.

As a parent, you know the good, the bad and the really ugly times of the day! If you are looking to get anything accomplished like cleaning, laundry, being on the phone, going to the bathroom (HA!), grocery shopping, etc. then you know you have to pick and choose your times wisely, unless you’re ok having meltdowns in the middle of the grocery store…I am not! It is completely useless to try and start anything productive when you’re kids are close to those magical meltdown times. So the first thing you have to do is figure out when you’re kids are happiest and will be motivated to join you in your exercise routine.

My kids are best in the morning, so I aim to workout with them then. I wear workout gear every morning with the hope that I’ll get a good sweat on.

Things to bring if you’re going outside: toys to keep your kids busy, snacks, a workout plan (exercises/routine that is predetermined) and a really positive attitude.

Your kids might actually join you for the entire workout; you never know when they’re going to surprise you!

If they’re not into doing what you’re doing that particular day don’t worry about it. It’s still good to have your kids see you exercising and making time for something that is important to you. Incorporate them where you can but don’t stop moving.

Activities that your kids can do with you:

  • Running Races
  • Game of Tag
  • Sports, ie. Soccer
  • Piggyback rides (which can lead to lunges, squats, sumo squats and calf raises with your child on your back!) If you’re just starting out, be careful, you don’t want to get light headed and hurt yourself and/or your child.
  • Bring a ball and get creative: have your child throw the ball for you to sprint out and bring it back, with multiple kids you can have a relay race where the ball is the baton.
  • Figure out what your child is into and make it fun for them. If your kids like cars, pretend to be on a racetrack and you are racing to win the big tournament. If your kids are into gymnastics, practice what they’ve learned in their classes: somersaults, kart wheels, walking on beams. It’s not always about you…I know that’s hard to swallow! They, our children, are people to and will respond much better if we peak their interest!

Your kids will model your behaviour so try and be the best example that you can be. No matter if you’re just getting back into an exercise routine or you’re in great shape, do your best and feel good about what you’re able to fit in.

Tomorrow will bring another day so if it didn’t work out today, keep trying, you’ll get better at this and your kids will to!

For more information stay in touch and we’ll work on this together!

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