One Simple Step To Decrease Stress

peaceOne Simple Step to Decrease Stress

by Rianna Poskin

Have you ever had a time where you looked at a picture, heard a song, or had a flash back memory that made you shiver? There was something about the memory that made you trigger an emotion that caused discomfort. Often these emotions are suppressed because they’re uncomfortable. There is a way to deal with these negative emotions and manage them.

When an emotion comes up that is uncomfortable try and pause for a second and really focus on what’s going on. What was it that you looked at, that you heard, or that you remember to feel this negativity.

Next write it down:



1. When the Emotion comes up make note of what it is: fear, panic, sadness, distress, anxiety…

2. Find out what triggered this emotion. Was it something someone said, smelled like, something you looked at, a song that was playing…. make note of the connection.

3. Take a second to understand what the emotion is telling you and if it was from a past memory or something going on now. Write down everything about it. This memory could have already been resolved, or it could have been ignored and pushed away.

4. Take the time to consciously acknowledge the situation. If the situation has not been dealt with yet make a plan to deal with it. If the emotion has been dealt with then reassure yourself over and over again that this is in the past and no longer needs to be addressed.

5. Move forward.

When we live in the past we live in regret.

When we live in the future we live with anxiety.

When we live in the present we live with peace!

Our emotions hold many clues to our health. In order to feel the good stuff we must take care of the bad stuff.

Dealing with one emotion at a time will eventually lead us to a place of greatness!

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