5 Minute Workouts For All Levels

5 Minute Workout

5 Minute Workout For All Levels

by Rianna Poskin

Weight Loss articles are now recognizing that success comes from 80% of good nutritional plans and 20% from exercise. Without a doubt exercise is important and should be done daily. Since this new research is pointing at not having to do as much I’ve put together a 5 Minute workout to complement your nutritional plan.

Start with this workout before you do anything else during the day. Set your alarm 5 minutes sooner and get this in so there are no excuses by the end of the day.

Want to add more exercise into the day? Awesome! At least you’ll know that if you don’t get to the gym or go for a run you’ve moved, sweat and circulated fresh blood to your entire body!

PLEASE NOTE: Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new workout plan. When you’ve got the green light pick your intensity and feel great!

5 Minute Beginner Workout:

5 Minute Intermediate Workout:

5 Minute Advanced Workout:


Commit to making simple lifestyle shifts that are realistic! Everyone has a spare 5 minutes, put them to good use!

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