HIIT Whole Body Blaster!

Girls-Fitness-free-desktop-wallpaperHIIT Whole Body Blaster

by Rianna Poskin

Always consult with your healthcare team before beginning any new workout or dietary program.

Try this program when you want to get a full body workout in a short amount of time!

Print the workout and watch the demo, then give it a try!

Do Each Interval for 30 seconds to start. Then when you are able to add more time bump it up!



Jumping Jacks

Toe Touches

Hip Openers

Jog or High Knees

1st Circuit


Squat/ Side Leg Lift

Plank Roles

(Complete 3 Sets)

2nd Circuit

Tuck Jumps

Plank Walkout (beginner or advanced)

Lunge / Row

(Complete 3 sets)

3rd Circuit


Curtsy Lunge

Single Leg Deadlift

Cool Down


Leg Swings

Standing Butt Stretch

Core Stretch on Belly

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