3 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Mood!

blueberry island3 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Mood!


Rianna Poskin


Need a lift? This can be your natural upper!

Researchers have studied the practice of Yoga to understand how it can positively affect a person’s mood and reduce their anxiety.

There is a mind body connection that happens with yoga. The meditative focus combined with the physical skill of the poses, allows for a person to completely intertwine their mental and physical abilities. When this mind body connection happens, the body becomes more aware of what it is doing, and it responds by releasing chemical messages (hormones) to talk to the entire body.

When we stimulate the right kind of hormone release (our natural uppers: seratonin and dopamine) we feel happier! 

Some forms of exercise however, can stimulate our stress hormones (such as cortisol). 

Therefore choosing the right kind of exercise is critical in determining what kind of emotional response you’ll have!

If you need a boost in your happy hormones here’s what to do:

Got a little space? Got your mat? You’re good to go!

Bring your mat with you wherever you go and healthy living will become a part of your lifestyle.

Here are 3 Yoga Poses that can help naturally boost your mood:

1. Cat/Cow Pose: 

  • Creates emotional balance.
  • Relieves stress and calms the mind.

2. Warrior Pose

  • Creates emotional balance within strength
  • Initiates power through the flow of energy within the body

3. Dancer Pose

  • Focuses your mind and enhances your ability to concentrate
  • Grounds you psychologically and emotionally which can uplift your spirit!

Watch the video below to see all of these poses!

Hope you have an uplifting day!