Average Joe Olympic Workout!

trainAverage Joe Olympic Workout!

by Rianna Poskin

Image from:http://www.eightsandweights.com/2012/08/train-like-olympian-beach-volleyball.html

The Olympic games are an inspiring time to witness unbelievable athletic ability and dedication.

The training that these athletes go through is amazing and admirable! 

You might not have 7 hours per day to train like an Olympic athlete so I’ll give you a workout that can be done within your available timeframe!  

Here’s a workout that you can do in your own home and feel like your own champion!

Always consult your healthcare professional before beginning any new workout program.


Watch demo video below to learn all of the “Events”!

Do each exercise for 30 seconds (add time or reps for more intensity)



2. Jumping Jacks

3. High Knees

4. Toe Touches with Ab crunch

5. Hip Openers

6. Leg Swings

1st Circuit of “Events”!

Do each circuit 3 full times

1.Track and Field Sprints 

  •  1st round 50% of max speed
  • 2nd round 75% of max speed
  • 3rd round 100% of max speed

2. Volleyball Spike

3. Swimming Flutter Kicks

4. Relay Race (run between markers and pick them up/drop them off while you go back and forth)

2ND Circuit of “Events”

1.Boxing combo- front jab/hook

2.Boxing combo-front jab/hook (opposite arms)

3. Rowing abs

4. Cycling abs

3RD Circuit of “Events”

1. Football agility shuffle

2. Gymnastics head stand (use a spotter or a wall to help)

3. Judo Side Kick

4. Judo Side Kick (opposite leg)

4TH Circuit of “Events”

1. Tennis side shuffle with strokes

2. Trampoline jumps

3. Weightlifting power lift (add jump for intensity)

4. Wrestling fast feet/down/up

Cool Down

1. Jog

2. Slow side shuffles

3. Arm circles

4. Leg Swings

5. Hamstring stretch

GOOD JOB! Feel great with what you’re able to do and always go for your dreams!

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