3 SUP Yoga Moves To Try!


3 SUP Yoga Moves to Try!

by Rianna Poskin

Have you tried Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga?

I didn’t even know it had a name although I’ve been playing around with it for a few years!

I was out by the river when a SUP Yoga instructor paddled over to me and asked me if I wanted to join her SUP Yoga class. I said I don’t know what that is, a little nervous! Then she told me what the letters stood for, duh! Makes so much sense!

Before you give it a try…

I’d suggest warming up on land first because you’ll be using all kinds of stabilizing muscles when you’re on the board. You don’t want to get hurt.

As a precaution always¬†check with your healthcare team to make sure you’re good to go if this is new to you!

Here are 3 moves to try! You probably won’t get wet because your balance is spread across your hands and your feet…but be prepared if you do go in!

I used my yoga mat on the board to get some extra grip! (my affiliate link)

1. Four – Limbed Staff Pose



2. Up- Dog

up dog

3. Back bend

back bend SUPNow it’s your turn! Have fun!!!! And please be safe!


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