Important tip after Laparoscopic surgery!

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Important tip after Laparoscopic Surgery!
Rianna Poskin
I hope you’re feeling well! When you’re not feeling well it really takes its tole! I was on a role at the beginning of the week and out of no where I end up in the hospital having an appendectomy! 
This clearly was not my original plan for the day!
The reason I’m telling you this is because my surgeon was not very chatty and helpful unfortunately. He did a great job in the operating room which is his job, and I’m so thankful for that, but I felt like he left out a few key details that would have been really helpful.
Since I found out what it feels like to have a laparoscopic surgery I thought I’d pass along what really helped me!
When they fill you up with gas in order to see your organs properly the gas stays for a few days. It gets trapped and spreads to different areas of the body. 2 areas that are very common are the shoulders and the ribcage.
The pain from the gas taking up space in these areas is brutally painful! I had 3 babies without any meds and I was almost reaching for Tylenol 3’s from this pain! Crazy right?
Before I took any meds I did a quick google search and found many people found relief from Peppermint tea and moving around.
I already had moved quite a bit as I was feeling ok on my feet so I thought I’d try the peppermint approach. Instead of tea I used Peppermint essential oil (EO) because 1 drop of it is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea.
I was going to throw everything at this gas that I could!
No lie within 10 minutes of using a carrier oil (olive oil) with 2 drops of Peppermint (EO) the pain was completely gone!!!
I’m telling you this because my surgeon failed to tell me that I would experience this pain after surgery and I wasn’t prepared to take care of it besides having pain killers on hand.
I don’t like to mask anything for fear of not knowing how my body is healing. 
I don’t wish any surgery on any of you but if you find yourself or your loved ones needing a laparoscopic surgery this information can help! 
Keep in mind that peppermint (EO) is not safe for children or babies as it contains menthol which can affect a child’s respiratory system in a negative way.
For all the adults however, keep this oil on hand for when colds, flus, digestive upset, and in my case pain arise!
I hope you are healthy and well!

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