Respect to the hard working farming community

farmers market

Respect to the hard working farming community


Rianna Poskin


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Week after week I attend the Farmers Market. I’m a quick shopper, I know what I want, and I zip around in about 20 minutes.

It’s a luxury to get fresh and local produce and products. The people that provide this food for us work their tales off and often we don’t think much about it.

So here’s a little taste….

Picture the family that are in the image above. When I arrive at the farmers market I see The Stapleton family ready to sell their produce with smiles on their faces.

What I don’t see is them arriving at the crack of dawn setting up their stand. They are at multiple markets throughout the week which means that they are up early, driving, loading, and unloading more then I know!

The whole family; Mom, Dad and kids are there working on market day. On this particular day that we took this photo, my kids were at home having pancakes relaxing.

Selling at the market in itself is a lot of work and hours being on foot.

We have yet to factor in the hours on the farm.

At the beginning of the farming season the soil needs to be prepared, then seeds need to be planted, then fertilized, and on and on and on….

The end product is beautiful fruits and vegetable prepared in an appealing way for the consumer.

What we don’t see are all of the plants and produce that didn’t make it. All of the hard work that went into plants that didn’t get enough rain, got too much rain, or didn’t have the right elements to produce something worth harvesting, is wasted.

We take for granted the end product at the farmers market. It is hours of hard work and sacrifice from very hard working people. What they do allows us to zip around for 20 minutes and receive, literally, the fruits of their labour!

How lucky are we to live in a place where we have the variety of foods that we do.

Please remember who makes this all possible for us, respect the hard working farming community!

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