A Cool Way To Support Breast Cancer Research!



For all my friends that have been touched by a story, a life, a friend, a loved one that has been diagnosed with breast cancer I have something cool to help fighting the fight:

We all know the benefits of exercise in order to optimize our health. Not all of us have the same ability to move and work out, but there is something that we ALL can do no matter what our fitness capabilities to stay healthy: WE CAN MOVE!

Simple right?

Just by moving we can help our respiratory system, our lymphatic system, our circulatory system and our digestive system.

All of these systems work together to keep us healthy.

When someone is diagnosed with a disease or illness, negative emotions start to take over.


The stress that comes from worry, fear, anxiety, resentment and depression wreaks havoc on a person’s health.

If someone is trying to get healthy, the last thing that they should do is get stressed out.

A cool and trendy way to combat stress is to exercise. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout, it doesn’t have to be for very long, it just has to be enough to initiate a response from the body.

The problem: Most people don’t take time to move and more people are getting sick.

The solution: People can move anywhere and anytime very easily! 

There’s 1 cool tool that can inspire movement, anytime and anywhere.

A yoga mat.

Yoga mats can be carried in a backpack, can go on an airplane, can go in a car, can be stored easily at the office and can be tucked away in a corner of a home. When time opens up, all you have to do is open up your mat and move!

Now here’s where the cool part of supporting breast cancer comes in:

My partner: Jade Yoga will donate $5 for every pink “Harmony” yoga mat sold. 



The color is beautiful, the yoga mat is the best on the market, and the mat in itself can become the image a person needs to stay strong, be inspired to take small steps to improve their health, and to focus on empowering themselves, rather than stressing out.

A morning meditation, an afternoon stretch and a nighttime yoga sequence can calm the mind and help maintain a healthy body.

All you need is your mat!

Whether you have been affected by Breast Cancer or not, keeping a calm and stress-free mind can drastically improve your everyday life.

Unroll a yoga mat, move everyday and see what other healthy habits develop!

Support the cause today and purchase a beautiful mat for yourself, or for a loved one, and make a contribution to help fighting the fight against breast cancer.

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