Never feel guilty again!

sorryNever feel guilty again!


Rianna Poskin

Guilt affects us differently depending on how we were raised. There can be deep emotional turmoil when we feel guilt because of events that hurt us early in life that continue to shape us in the future. 

This is a lovely short story that shows us that we don’t have to feel guilty ever again so long as we are honest and treat people well.

My friend and I met up and she said “you won’t believe what just happened“.

The previous day she decided to take extra time finding a perfect parking spot to accommodate shuffling her 3 kids to activities at a recreation centre.

She took the kids inside for their activities.

While she was busy inside a young man driving a big truck with extra big tires misjudged his turn into the parking lot and swiped the side of her perfectly parked mini van.

He check the damage of his truck and it was surprisingly not damaged.

He checked the damage on her van and knew it wasn’t drivable.

Within the last 6 months I’ve seen 2 of my friends post on FaceBook how mad they were that their cars were damaged while parked without any admission of guilt from the other driver. This is becoming the norm. If no one is watching people feel the need to flee rather than stand up to being accountable for their mistake.

The young man that hit my friends care looked for her for 30 minutes. When he finally found her he looked so distraught he might start to cry.

Since my friend and her children were not in the car, she wasn’t upset, and was relieved that he was honest enough to come and find her.

As they walked to their cars to assess the damage the front bumper crashed down to the ground.

Yes this young man felt awful, yes he felt embarrassed, but he won’t have to feel GUILTY for leaving a Mom with 3 kids stranded in a parking lot for the rest of his life.

The bravest, the strongest, and the people with the most integrity are great people when they’re up, and they’re even better people when they’re down.

Remember this the next time something happens to you. You always have a choice. It feels so much better if you take the high road.

No guilt, no stress.

Lesson learned!

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