1 Movement Pattern Your Athletes Need To Master!

The hinge is a really important movement pattern to master in order to perform exercises properly and decrease the chance of injury. By mastering the hinge pattern an athlete can set themselves up for success in many exercises.

Movement quality should be considered more important than how much an athlete can lift.

Perfect the foundation and then load it up!

Always consult with your health care team before beginning any new fitness program

Here’s a simple way to perfect the hinge pattern: grab a dowel, a broom or a hockey stick. Place the stick on your back holding the top with 1 hand and the bottom with the other. Make sure there is contact with the stick at the head and at the glutes (your bum).

Brace the core. 

Bend the knees slightly, shift the glutes back as the hinge begins to separate the upper body from the lower body.

Having trouble?

Picture the hinge of a door. The centre of the hinge doesn’t move. The door swings open while the door frame stays still. Your body can move similarly. Plant your feet into the ground, this is the solid frame, rotate at the hips, and hinge the upper body as still as the door. The upper body doesn’t round. Picture your upper body to be as solid as a door and the movement will get better!

Once this movement pattern is mastered more exercises can be practiced.The deadlift, the single leg deadlift, the hang clean, the bent over row and more exercises will be safer and more effective once this movement pattern looks good! 

Grab your stick of choice and practice! Your strength coach will be so impressed when you show them how good this looks!

Happy training!

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