30 Minute Home Workout (Equipment Needed)

Are you at home? Do you have 30 minutes? Here’s something to try! 1-2-3-4 Workout!
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Always check in with your healthcare provider before starting a new program.
Equipment needed:
1. A smile! ????
2. Mini band
3. Dumbbells
4. Bench, barbell, plates
5. Medicine ball (sport ball)
Here’s the Breakdown for the Workout:
1 Round: Dynamic Warm-up
-Jog on the spot
-Side Lunge
-Reverse Lunge
-Open the Gate
-Hip Openers
-Arm Circles Back
-Arm Circles Forward
-Leg Swings
-Single Leg Deadlift
-Hip Hinge Wide Arms
-Quad Stretch
2 Rounds:
– Quadruped Hydrants
– Plank Resisted Arm Taps
3 Rounds:
– Resisted Squat jumps (Dumbbells)
– Chest pass
4 Rounds:
– Bench Press
– Split Squats
– Quadruped (hover) Pull Through
Finish: 90/90 Breathing
Pick your reps and weights according to your ability. Keep power reps low. Seek professional guidance from a strength coach for proper programming and coaching!
Have Fun!

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