The Kettlebell Swing (Coaching Cues)

ivan-pergasi-q2c6mpqb6kq-unsplashThe Kettlebell swing is a great exercise for many reasons:

  • Hits multiple muscle groups
  • Helps to generate power
  • Helps to improve cardio
  • Great for athleticism
  • Helps with balance
  • Helps with stability

but….it is a complicated exercise!

The first thing that I’d recommend working on BEFORE attempting the kettlebell swing is the hip hinge. In order to get in the proper position for the Kettlebell swing the hip hinge is something that needs to be figured out!

Here’s a quick video of a simple way to learn the hip hinge with a PVC pipe (you could use a broom or a hockey stick as well)

Once you’ve figure out the hip hinge you’ll be in a better position to set yourself up for the Kettlebell swing.

Here are the coaching cues to help you get organized in order to successfully perform a great Kettlebell Swing!


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There’s a lot going on with the Kettlebell Swing!

Coaching Cues:

  • Feet straight, shoulder width apart
  • Trunk is braced
  • Shoulders are externally rotated
  • Head is neutral
  • Hinge at the hips with a flat back
  • Belly stays tight
  • Arms grip KB in front of feet
  • Screw hands around KB handle
  • Drive knees out
  • Initiate the swing allowing KB to move between legs
  • Extend hips and knees squeezing glutes
  • Arms raise from power generated by the hips
  • Hinge at hips allowing KB to swing back down
  • Back stays flat
  • Repeat for desired repetitions
  • Return KB to the ground under control

Always check in with your healthcare provider before starting a new program fitness program.

Check in with your strength coach to assess your form and to make suggestions to improve your movement!

Have fun and Happy Swinging!

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