About The Youth Sport Podcast With Rianna Poskin

The Youth Sport Podcast

Mission Statement: To help coaches create the best environment for youth athletes in order for kids to feel safe, to learn, to grow, to compete and to play, which can positively influence them to find success in life.

My name is Rianna Poskin. I played youth sport, and then went on to play soccer in University and semi-professionally. I worked as an athletic trainer, a sport coach, am a strength coach and now the Mom of 3 youth athletes. I have seen youth sport from all angles. There are so many positive sides of keeping kids in sport. Unfortunately there are many things that hold kids back.

Pressure from parents, poor coaching, aggressive fans, and lack of finances are just a few of the negative things that can make youth sport awful, or not an option for a kid to participate.

Rather than get frustrated about all of the negative things in youth sport I want to be proactive.

I would like to have raw, honest, and inspiring conversations with people that are either involved in youth sport now, or were involved growing up.

Through these conversations I hope to create change in youth sport for the better. I hope that when coaches, parents and athletes listen to other peoples stories they learn from it and grow as a person themselves.

I have an additional segment to the podcast called “The Cool Down”. This is almost like a “book club” for the podcast! I have a follow up conversation with my husband, Mike Poskin (a former collegiate athlete and current youth sport coach), in this segment, that challenges the listener to think about elements from the guest conversation. We invite the listener to discuss what we’ve learned in order to take an action step moving forward together.

I would love to join like minded people together that are empowered to make their own impact in their community in order to make the youth sport environment the best that it can be.

My goal is to interview a variety of guests. From professional athletes to parents volunteering as their child’s coach.

Everyone has a story and this podcast will highlight the story in order to learn from it.

I will cover all kinds of conversations such as: homophobia, racism, nutrition, girls in sport, mindfulness, bullying, eating disorders, abuse, goal setting, parent pressure, coaches influence and the responsibility of the coach.

The Youth Sport Podcast aims to make an impact, right now.

If you’re able to support this project or would like to take part in it please email Rianna at:


I appreciate the support!

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