This manual is packed with valuable information that I believe ALL youth sport coaches should know! If you want to get the most out of your youth athletes, and have fun as a coach, this manual is for you!

After all of my years of being involved in sport: Semi-professional Soccer athlete, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Youth Coach and Mom of 3, I have seen what’s been going on in youth sport for A LONG time!

What you want: Fast, strong and amazing athletes!
What I teach: How to create the environment to develop incredible athletes while they’re having fun…setting the stage for speed, power and incredible athleticism!

I know that youth sport coaches have many challenges which is why I created this manual. The youth sport coach might be limited on time (most of you are volunteers!), resources and maybe even knowledge.
This manual will help highlight some key things that youth sport coaches can easily implement in order to shape an amazing youth athlete, and person.

I know that I love getting ideas to change things up during my coaching sessions but without a concrete plan, sometimes those efforts get wasted. This manual will help give you a clear 12 week plan that you simply follow from start to finish in order to progress your athletes safely through a simple strength and conditioning program.

This is the stuff that I wish my youth sport coaches knew when I was growing up!

What’s inside:
– All of my online course modules written out in “chapter form”
– My 12 week easy to implement Strength and Conditioning Program (based on limited time and limited equipment)
– All of my exercise descriptions, coaching cues, and picture demonstrations
– All of my drills
– All of my games
– My tests to evaluate progress
– An easy to understand guide to evaluate your practice sessions to see if you’re hitting everything that you need
– Learning how to put it all together!

This manual is the inspiration to help make youth sport sessions so fun that the kids want to keep coming back!


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