Episode 1 Youth Sport Podcast: Mike Poskin

podcast-episode-1-imageYouth Sport Podcast: Episode 1: Mike Poskin I thought it only be fitting to share a conversation between Mike (my husband) and I since it was through our conversations that led to the creation of this podcast! Mike is an amazing athlete with a story that might be familiar to some out there! He found success in sport at a young age and then had to face the reality of what would lie ahead! Not only an athlete, Mike is now a coach and a Dad to 3 young athletes. I hope you enjoy his story and share your constructive and respectful thoughts in the comments below! Please enjoy our first episode of the Youth Sport Podcast with Rianna Poskin! lululemon-logo This episode is brought to you by Lululemon! I am part of the Lululemon Collective and receive commission when amazing people like you shop for themselves through my link! I appreciate your support in order to keep these conversations happening! Click here to shop now! Here’s a run down of what Mike and I talked about:

  • How we met through sport (our kids would say, ewwww gross!)
  • Mike’s early years in sport and the impact of having Dad’s stepping up!
  • When sport became more serious and Mike was starting to get attention
  • How 1 coached changed the trajectory for many kids that might have been written off
  • Social issues, drugs, and peer pressure…how sport helped Mike
  • The American “Jock” Experience!
  • Playing Division 1 and the struggles that came with it…having awareness of his situation…his dream slipping away and sport identity
  • Once again, how 1 coach made a positive impact that changed his life
  • The transition to coaching
  • What it’s like to be a parent of youth athletes
  • The good stuff that’s happening in youth sport
  • How we can do better in youth sport
  • How 1 coach almost made Mike quit sport and how we can all learn from it
  • How each athlete needs to be treated differently
  • How a coach can trigger self confidence that sticks for a lifetime!

Without further ado…the full conversation!

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