Episode 10 Youth Sport Podcast Part 2 Paul Ranger

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Episode 10: Part 2

Paul Ranger

In part 1 of Episode 10 Paul Ranger opened up about how he is doing with his mental health. Paul talked about how important it is to have hope to find “light at the end of the tunnel”. Continuing on with this conversation Paul shares his story from his younger years. We talk about when hockey was fun, and when that started to change.

Paul wants kids to do well no matter what environment they’re in. We talk about if “serious” hockey teams can still have fun. We talk about raising young athletes and how to recognize if it’s getting to be too much. We talk about coaching. Paul had an incredible coach, Dallas Eakins, who cared about Paul as a person, not just a hockey player. Paul tries to coach in a similar way now with his athletes after learning what helped him as a player.

If you missed part 1, you can find it here

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Here’s what we talked about in Part 2 of Episode 10, with Paul Ranger:

  • Hockey before age 14 and after… it started to change
  • Hockey as protection, living 2 separate lives
  • Forming friendships and the friendships that last.
  • 2 Favourite hockey memories playing as a kid: mini sticks in hotels and backyard rinks!
  • Can fun be incorporated into serious hockey?
  • What Paul does when he coaches his athletes.
  • “Fun trumps everything”
  • The inner player is always there!
  • Appointing “positions”, what age should kids play specific positions?
  • Why Paul left AAA hockey for a year and played single A
  • What is the end goal of having kids play sports?
  • Burn out and quitting sport at a young age.
  • Drive for self worth, competition, and fun.
  • Dallas Eakins made an amazing impact with Paul. Paul uses this role model to make an impact with his athletes.
  • Paul tells me what the impact of the “fans” felt like.
  • Paul gives advice for kids to deal with people in the stands.
  • Paul’s advice to parents “They’re not listening to you from the stands, and if they are, they’re embarrassed.”
  • Paul’s advice for Strength and Conditioning and extra training.
  • “Go have fun on swingsets”
  • We discuss Long term athletic development.
  • “Having fun, “working” without “working”!
  • Fear of falling behind peers.
  • “Having fun is the mask to working”

Please enjoy our conversation:



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