Episode 11 Youth Sport Podcast: John Coleman Part 1

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Episode 11  ( Part 1 of 2 )

John Coleman

What’s it like to have this inner desire for adventure? John Coleman, Mental Performance Consultant, breaks it all down! It can be hard to be on the outside looking in…having a kid that wants to do extreme activities while you hold your breath looking at all that could unfold! In order to help the young athlete that wants to take risks we can listen and learn. John is the guy to listen to!

John was a kid that was on board for any kind of adventure! Jumping off cliffs, back country skiing, rock climbing and white water kayaking were just a few of his favourite things to do… and still are!

John shares not only his experience as a kid, but also as a professional working with athletes participating in extreme sports. John works with the best athletes in the world in the Olympics and the Paralympics. This conversation was so good that it ended up turning into a “master class” by accident! We explore the desire to participate in extreme sports, how to participate safely, how to assess risk, how to navigate risk, how to achieve at peak performance knowing that we might be afraid. This was such a good conversation! I really hope you think so too!

To find out more about John’s work please check out his website: Free Flow Mental Training

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Here’s what we talk about in Part 1 of 2 “Master Class” conversations!

  • Staying true to yourself, paving your own path and taking a stand against bad hockey culture
  • Movement, sport in nature
  • Do we have to “hate” our competition to perform well?
  • What actually motivates an athlete?
  • Enjoy the process and the experience, rather than the outcome
  • Living in a van with a buddy travelling to ski mountain after ski mountain at 18 years old
  • Risk at a young age, “snow hunting”
  • Risk: Skill ratio
  • Losing a friend doing what they loved
  • What is a good life? Understanding those that want to do things that involve risk.
  • Raising kids that want to take on risk
  • Parenting as a “spotter”
  • Allowing young people to have “space”…how the nervous system responds to a threat
  • Should you get back up and try again right away?
  • An interesting think that kids naturally do when they experience trauma
  • Relaxation techniques to overcome mental blocks
  • How can a coach use this information with their athletes?
  • Are you ok? Are you afraid? Are you hurt? What do you need?
  • “You can still perform afraid”
  • Aligning the mind with the body, an example from a Paralympic athlete
  • Using breath work to shift the sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic in order to facilitate recovery
  • “Recovery is training”

And now… the conversation!

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