Episode 2 Youth Sport Podcast: Dennis Laskey

dennis-laskey-insta-photoYouth Sport Podcast

Episode 2

Dennis Laskey

Please jump in the conversation in the comment section below! Dennis Laskey drops his wisdom over decades of coaching high level athletes all the way down to 3 years olds that don’t know what sport is! I loved chatting with my coach once again after so many years of playing for him. What a great influence this man has been on so many!

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Here’s what Coach Laskey and I talked about…I thought I would make notes for you!

  • Why I think Coach Laskey is amazing through 1 specific story which shows his impact in a time of need.
  • Coach Laskey’s younger years and how he had to hold his own with older kids.
  • How the greatest players in the world started out when they were young and what we can learn from it.
  • The main thing that kids need to keep playing…
  • Creating a a successful development program only to be ruined by parents that thought coach was crazy!
  • Coaching tip #1: Know who you’re coaching
  • How the environment shapes the best players.
  • Playing in different age groups.
  • How to elevate to the higher levels of the game.
  • The community helps to create the playing environment and how we can all contribute.
  • How to help parents see the big picture.
  • Sport and creativity
  • What the greatest teacher is in sport.
  • How to have awareness as a parent in youth sport.
  • Coaching tip #2: The welfare of your players
  • What kids actually want to do.
  • Coaching tip #3: The responsibility of the coach
  • Before you can be a coach you have to be ______________________?
  • The ego and coaching.
  • The art of coaching and how to get the most out of your players without even telling them what to do!
  • Coaching men and women.
  • How a kid taught Coach a big lesson.
  • Coach is still waiting for his lottery winning athlete to give back to him after all these years (HA!)
  • Understanding what’s going on at home to make a better impact.
  • How coach thinks about disciplines and punishment…this is really important stuff!
  • How to create the environment that kids want to come back to.
  • Games to play and games NOT to play.
  • When to end a session.
  • When winning a game could actually be a loss, and losing a game might actually be a win! Deep thoughts!
  • Coach shares some funny stories and his sense of humour comes through.
  • What life looks like after coaching…

Without further ado… our conversation…enjoy!

Oh! And don’t forget to listen to “The Cool Down”! This is where Mike and I chat about the episode and encourage you to join in on the conversation as well!

The Cool Down:


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