Episode 21 Youth Sport Podcast: Dr. Julie Stamm PhD

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Episode 21

Dr. Julie Stamm PhD

Dr. Julie Stamm joins me on The Youth Sport Podcast to discuss her research on repeated head impacts in youth sport and her new book “The Brain on Youth Sports” – The Science, The Myths, and The Future

Dr. Stamm has a unique perspective when it comes to youth sport as she was a multi sport youth athlete, she is a certified Athletic Trainer, she is a Doctor in Anatomy and Neurobiology and an avid sports fan. Her message is to encourage kids to play sport as much as possible while making smart changes in youth sport at critical times in order to keep kids safe.

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Here’s what we talked about:

  • Rianna’s experience with head trauma in College Soccer
  • Empathy in sport and why that’s important specifically for brain development
  • “If we don’t see them as a person it’s easier to accept that they are inflicting pain, and damage and lifelong damage. We don’t see people after they retire either” -Dr. Stamm
  • A study on Football fans which is shocking in regards to empathy!
  • How one concussed athlete who didn’t get better led Dr. Stamm to further study head injuries. – Kids should play sports! We discussed the many benefits of sports.
  • “It is important that coaches really intentionally incorporate activities that will raise the heart rate” – Dr. Stamm (Something you might not have thought about)
  • “When you’re active as a kid, you’re much more likely to be active as an adult” – Dr. Stamm – Peak brain development times and what happens when they’re disrupted.
  • Why 8-12 years of age is such an important time.
  • Do we make exceptions in sport that we never would in every day life?
  • Head impact statistics that will shock you. – Sport culture and why that matters with brain development.
  • Simple changes so that kids can keep playing the sports they love.
  • The 5 most concerning sports.
  • If you’re resistant to change this might help.
  • What the greatest athletes did and how it will help them life long.
  • The affect on sport specialization and brain development.
  • Tips for coaches to use within their sport practices.
  • “More concussions happen in practice because we spend more time there”- Dr. Stamm
  • Surprises in regards to sport equipment…it’s not good news.
  • How important game officials are for brain development, something you might not have thought about.
  • “Unanticipated hits”, what coaches can do to help.
  • Dr. Stamm’s advice to Sport Moms – Brain development “windows”, how we can help so that they don’t turn into windows of vulnerability.
  • Ted Johnson’s story, and why it matters for all youth sport athletes.
  • Kids cognitive ability and adult decision making.
  • Tips to assess head injuries.
  • Final words of wisdom for all of us in youth sport: coaches, parents, officials, healthcare practitioners and fans.

And now, the full conversation:

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