Episode 3 Youth Sport Podcast: Erin McLeod

erin-mcleodYouth Sport Podcast:

Episode 3: 

Erin McLeod

What an amazing conversation with Erin! I say it at the end, I feel like Erin has lived through so much, that her wisdom is that of a person beyond her years!

I would love to hear your respectful comments and feedback in the comment section below! Let’s keep this conversation going so we can make the best impact on our young athletes right now!

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As you listen to Erin and I chat you’ll want to know where to find her work! I invite you to check out “The Mindful Project”: Empowering Students and Athletes to reach their potential through mindfulness. Click below!


Here’s a run down of what Erin and I talked about! So good you guys…so good!

  • Growing up in Canada, moving to Indonesia
  • How travel opened Erin’s eyes to the reality of the world and how to understand it as a young person
  • Playing sport with the boys
  • Gratefulness, empathy, and awareness practices that families can do together
  • Eating disorders: how to focus on self worth and self love
  • Being bullied and how changing to fit in made her cool with her peers but not true to her.
  • Being proud of who you are, true to yourself
  • Focus on what we can control
  • Sexual orientation and how that affects a family
  • Homophobia in Russia and the need to make a difference in the Olympics
  • How we can support the transexual community, what’s happening right now
  • How John Herdman, Canadian National coach, made a huge impact for Erin and her teammates, how we can follow his example
  • How to get the most out of our athlets
  • Mindfulness and our daily thoughts, finding presence
  • Getting athletes in “the zone”
  • A tip that seems so simple it’s too good to be true!
  • Having “the vision” in athletics
  • How learning happens quicker when we have self compassion
  • Why addressing mental health is so important
  • Goal setting and having a vision, while staying present…the secret sauce!
  • Overcoming struggle and injuries, and how that leads to growth
  • The power of visualization, mind body connection
  • Burnout in athletics
  • Identity, depression…who am I?
  • What does life look like when athletes retire?
  • Lessons learned in hardship
  • Olympic stories!!!!
  • Female success as a group
  • Co-ed sports
  • Young athletes playing with different age groups
  • How negative coaching affects players and their performance
  • Advice to youth coaches
  • How athletes can better their communication among themselves
  • How our tone is important

We covered A LOT!!! Without further ado…the conversation! And don’t forget to listen to the follow up discussion to this episode in the segment we call, “The Cool Down”!

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