Episode 5 Youth Sport Podcast: Dave Coleman

dave-head-shot-2Youth Sport Podcast

Episode 5:

Dave Coleman

Dave Coleman talks hockey! Hockey culture, hockey fights, rep hockey and how hockey helps with networking and life after the game. Dave shares his story of overcoming adversity with a life altering health condition and learning how to apply his struggle to find success as an adult. For all the coaches that are out there working with young kids, Dave’s story is enlightening as well as inspiring!

Dave Coleman is currently working as a contractor with appearances on the HGTV Network. His latest project was on Family Home Overhaul with Cheryl Hickey

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lululemon-logoHere’s a run down of what Dave and I talk about:

  • Growing up in a family of 5, sibling games that were awesome
  • No structured play
  • Playing church league hockey with friends and Dad as the coach
  • Breaking into rep hockey as a teenager
  • Getting cut and learning from it
  • A freak health condition puts Dave in the hospital around his draft year
  • Body trauma, fighting through adversity
  • Reflecting now and still finding it hard to not have regrets
  • Choosing school over hockey, the reality of life
  • Old school hockey, fighting, the culture of the sport
  • Being a nice person off the ice yet a different person on the ice
  • Hockey as an emotional outlet for teenage boys
  • Do men need a release that aggressiveness in sport fulfills?
  • Regrets of poor decisions as a younger person because of being able to get away with things
  • Advice for young players
  • Coaches as role models to become a good man
  • Using technology to help athletic performance
  • Advice for coaches from Dave’s experience as a player
  • How sports help in jobs and networking

Here is the full conversation! Please remember to check out the additional segment called “The Cool Down” where we invite you to join the discussion around this episode!


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