Episode 6 Youth Sport Podcast: Stacey Moore

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Episode 6

Stacey Moore

Can we honestly tell our young girls that they can have it all and be whatever they dream of being?

Stacey Moore joins me to chat about the opportunities that exist for young girls in sport and how that differs from boys sports. We get into some topics that will definitely make you pause and think! Stacey is many things, a successful athlete, an entrepreneur, a Mom of 2 girls, the president of a youth girls hockey association and a motivator! She has a new program coming out which starts January 4th. It’s an online training program for youth athletes to improve athletic performance! Learn more by clicking here!

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Here’s the run down of our conversation!

  • Can we honestly tell our young girls that they can be anything that they want? The reality
  • Life as a young gymnast and the demands that it entailed, such as significant injuries at age 11!
  • How gymnastics helped Stacey for other sports even though it was hard to give it up.
  • The financial impact of certain activities: gymnastics and dance to name 2.
  • The probability of “making it” and is it worth the time, the money and the injuries?
  • “Hard work beats talent”- Stacey Moore
  • Realizing the work it takes to catch the best athletes
  • Stacey’s story of her Olympian grandfather!
  • Setting goals as a woman when women didn’t have as many opportunities
  • What Wayne Gretzky said to help support women’s sport and why we all need to hear it!
  • Representation in sport
  • How we can support women who could coach and not make it another challenge.
  • The perception between giving youth girls different opportunities and what that actually means.
  • 2 pathways…1 for men and 1 for women
  • Statistics around women’s pro sports
  • Why are you playing…do you know?
  • Having a family and being a professional athlete, can women have it all?
  • Menstrual cycles and the female athlete
  • Celebrating our differences
  • How can the community help
  • The demand on the youth sport coach.

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