Episode 7 Youth Sport Podcast: Sarah Zinkie

sarah-zinkie-podcast-postYouth Sport Podcast

Episode 7

Sarah Zinkie

What’s going on with high-school kids? With many serious issues on the rise this past year (2020), it would be nice to know what’s really going on inside a young person’s head so that we can step in and help if we need to.

Sarah Zinkie is a high school teacher, a high school coach, a high school (and community) yoga instructor, a holistic nutritionist and a Mom of 2 boys. Sarah connects with her students in a way that she knows exactly what’s going on in side the mind of her students and athletes. She builds trust with her students so that they can open up when it might be awkward to do so with others. Sarah joins me to let others know what she’s been hearing and seeing from her students so that if we’re in a similar situation we might be able to make an impact with a young person right away!

If you would like to connect with Sarah and find out what she’s helping people outside of the classroom with her work in nutrition, please follow her on instagram @afreshstartnutrition

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Here’s a run down of what Sarah and I talk about in this Youth Sport Podcast Episode:

  • How we met having babies at the same time!
  • How sport in a small town is awesome and can build friendships that last a lifetime.
  • How small words of encouragement can change everything for a young kid
  • How sport helped Sarah overcome obstacles growing up
  • How it’s so important that kids have a place where they feel they belong
  • Sport as a form of meditation…mindfulness on the move!
  • Sport could be the “keystone habit” that changes everything for a kid, without it big things fall apart.
  • Academics and sport
  • Sarah gives advice for kids deciding to do an extra year of high-school
  • A tip that kids can use early in high-school to help get a job
  • Sarah’s tough gym teacher was able to pull more out of Sarah to help her
  • The influence of good coaches
  • How the mentors in the community shape young people without even knowing.
  • The work that goes into being a good coach
  • Sarah shares that coaching was so important to her she planned a big life event around a specific team!
  • Sarah shares her specific coaching style.
  • The truth about what is going on with high-school students that parents should know
  • Some eye opening situations that kids are going through right now
  • “Kids want to share, they just don’t know how to”
  • The importance of self care for teachers
  • Breathing techniques
  • Tips on coaching different genders
  • Discipline in sport
  • Being a Mom of athletes
  • Keeping expectations in check
  • “People are doing the best they can with the skill set they have”
  • Bullying
  • A great story of how a “non athlete” was given a chance, and where he is now!
  • Nutrition and kids
  • How to help a picky eater
  • Self regulation, triggers and food
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • How a coach can make nutrition fun for a team

Finally…our conversation!

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