Episode 8 Youth Sport Podcast: Fred Zinkie

fred-zinkie-instaYouth Sport Podcast

Episode 8

Fred Zinkie

Fred Zinkie is a high-school phys ed teacher, a high-school football coach, a sports writer (with publications written for Major League Baseball and Yahoo Sports), and a podcaster “Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Podcast, you can listen here!

On this episode we talk about Football and goal setting…with a few (a lot) of other things in between!

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Here’s a run down of what Fred and I talked about:

  • What it’s like to be a teacher by day and a professional sports writer/podcaster by night (and weekend!)
  • Fred is a master of Fantasy sports but his students have no idea!
  • Fred’s early years living with his brother, his Mom and Grandma
  • How the family’s on Fred’s youth sports teams all chipped in to help each other.
  • Sports as an elitist opportunity?
  • Possibilities for kids without a lot of money could choose Football as an option to still be involved in sport.
  • What is a Master’s of Coaching degree?
  • My (Rianna’s) negative bias towards football and my reasons for it…Fred’s perspective to help me shape my opinion in a new light.
  • Why high-school Football can be really impactful.
  • Fred’s opinion on how long someone should play football.
  • We discuss the incident in Georgia, where a U9 Football coach got violent with his players and was banned to coach for life.
  • “We don’t hate the other team.”
  • Vetting coaches
  • We discuss the fans reaction to “Dez Bryant” and the culture around a specific type of player.
  • Social media advice!
  • We discuss “Sarah Fuller” and female presence in football.
  • “Never read the comments”
  • How social media affects kids.
  • Fred shares a story about “Kevin Pillar” (It’s funny!)
  • Goal setting, how Fred got into Major League Baseball writing.
  • “Sports don’t build character, it reveals it”

And…the conversation!


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