Episode 9 Youth Sport Podcast Katie Ranger

katie-ranger-black-and-whiteYouth Sport Podcast

Episode 9

Katie Ranger

What does it take to play on Team Canada’s National Lacrosse team? Katie Ranger can tell you all about it! Not only is she a team Canada athlete, she also coaches for team Canada! On this episode of The Youth Sport Podcast Katie and I discuss the work it takes to get to the highest level in sport. We talk about how athletes can prepare for tryouts and what coaches are looking for. We talk about how sport can keep kids out of trouble and how it can help with peer pressure. Katie is continuing to make her impact in the lacrosse world in order to make a difference with kids right now!

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Here’s what Katie and I talked about:

  • How we first met flying to a wedding!
  • Being a multi sport athlete with siblings competing at high levels of sport
  • Keeping up with her brother and trying to find a girls league to do the same sports the boys were playing
  • Playing with older kids
  • Academics and sport
  • Getting noticed for the National team
  • Trying out for the National team
  • When to make the decision to switch to a single sport
  • The work starts to pay off!
  • “The worst that will happen is that I will get cut”
  • Goal setting
  • How to talk to coaches to improve
  • Peer pressure and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • A choice: Prom or Lacrosse?
  • Making your goals known to others to stay accountable
  • Playing at Penn State
  • The work that goes into the recruiting process
  • Getting a scholarship and some tips for young athletes
  • “The scholarship is not the end goal”
  • Being new in an unfamiliar environment
  • What playing Division 1 is actually all about
  • Gaining confidence instead of shutting down
  • The challenges to being an international student, things to think about if you’re playing abroad
  • Mental health and asking for help
  • Being a pro female athlete and wanting to have a family
  • Supporting officials, umpires, referees
  • A way for young people to make some money in sport
  • Advice to make umpiring better
  • How a young person can prepare for tryouts
  • What coaches are looking for
  • Advice that Katie got that helped her out
  • The impact of Katie’s coaches
  • How female presence was important for Katie in sport.

Please enjoy our conversation!


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