#GotYourMat Movement

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Are you constantly on the go? Do you take care of everyone else before yourself? Do you sit a lot? Do you drive a lot? Are you on your feet but not really moving? Are you watching other people workout and not working out yourself? Do you finish the day exhausted and ready to crash?

If this sounds familiar know that you’re not alone! This was always my struggle!

The expectations put on us by our society to try and do everything on our own is a problem!
Too many of us are over scheduled and a little out of control!

We need to realize that we’re a little out of control, so that we can take back control and have fun at the same time!

Taking back control starts with 1 action, which will then be followed by many! 

Here’s the challenge! Make this a fun experiment with your friends and family. Take a picture of you using your exercise mat. It can be anywhere, and anytime. Tag a friend that you want to challenge to get up and move! Use the hashtag #gotyourmat and inspire many more people to take time for themselves and move! If your friends are like mine they’re going to deliver some awesome pictures!

is a fun movement, about moving!
We want to:
#GotYourMat is about finding time to move and improve our health anywhere, and at anytime, with little equipment, while having FUN!

What we’re inspiring people to do is very simple:

To take breaks from our day to focus on ourselves by moving or meditating on a yoga mat. We regroup, recharge, and energize.

We don’t need huge blocks of time for personal development and reflection. We just need to take moments on a regular basis to try. Then we can feel good about our efforts and let go of the guilt and disappointment that comes with society’s expectations to keep up.

The focus is “Small Wins”!

The image of us on our mat tells others:  “I’m not available right now, I’m taking time for me!”   

More healthy habits will start to happen…

  • Maybe after a quick stretch on lunch hour we’ll want to eat a healthier lunch…
  • Maybe pumping out a few push-ups we’ll be more alert for an afternoon meeting and avoid drinking an afternoon coffee…
  • Maybe our kids will see us using our yoga mat and be inspired to work on their own fitness.
  • Whatever it is that comes from changing 1 daily healthy habit, it will snowball into a lifestyle!

Look at what’s happening…At work, at play, travelling, and at home…self improvement is happening through the simple habit of using a mat.


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Now it’s your turn to turn this into a part of your lifestyle! Make sure your mat is with you. If you need to have multiple mats around do it! When you see your mat regularly you’ll start using it regularly!
Start very simply. Sit on your mat and meditate for 2 minutes to start your day, feel good about that for the rest of the day.
The next step will be to do a 5 minute stretch on your mat.
After that you build up to a 20 minute workout within your abilities. (always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any new workout or diet plan).

My job is to keep you on track and inspire you to keep moving and have fun! Join my email network, join our community and we’ll all work together with tips, stories and fun! 

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I’m pumped to be a part of something so simple, yet so life changing!
See you on the mat!