My Story

mike and ri

I played sports my whole life and took it for granted that I got to move my body and train every day. When I went to University we trained every day, sometimes 2-3 times per day!

Movement was a part of my life.

After school, I was on the road a lot travelling with sports teams, travelling my sales territory, personal training other people and treating clients.. If I wasn’t sitting in my car I was watching others play sports or I was on my feet training/treating clients, but not moving much.

When I would get home I’d workout out when I could, but days would go by and I’d realize that I hadn’t sweat or challenged my fitness for longer and longer periods of time.

I thought I needed a big block of time to workout affectively, like I did when I was younger. 

Then life completely changed when we had our kids! 

I didn’t realize how much personal time I had before, now I had even less! 

When I had a few moments to spare I had to choose what to fill that precious time with! I could only do so much so I had to prioritize what needed to be done, and sometimes exercise wasn’t the priority.

Once I knew that I would never be able to fit everything in, I had to decide how to balance my new life as a Mom and as an entrepreneur.

If workouts weren’t always going to happen without the kids, they’d have to happen with the kids!

kids yoga

They wouldn’t be as focused, there would be interruptions, there would be short sessions, but I would find time to move.

I could either fight for the perfect workouts, or I could alter my expectations.

My kids and I were able to have fun and feel good about the short or long moments that we moved together.

“Got Your Mat”, has become my mantra as everything that I want to do in order to stay healthy can be done on a Yoga mat and can be taken anywhere.

neila and mom yoga

I can do body weight strength and conditioning, meditation, pilates or yoga without the need of any extra equipment.

80% of the time I’m on my yoga mat.

Life changes and I had to change with it. 

Now my kids are inspired to move every day because this one change in habit, exercising with them, has become a HUGE part of our LIFESTYLE.

I’m not setting any world records here and that’s ok. What I am doing is changing one habit at a time in order to create a lifestyle that will last forever!

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty amazing!

hill yoga