Back Yard Boot Camp: Abs Session


Back Yard Boot Camp: Abs session


Rianna Poskin

If you’re looking for a workout that will strengthen your core, you’re in the right place!

This is a high intensity workout designed to give you results in a short amount of time.

Always consult with your healthcare team before beginning and new workout or diet plan.

Let’s get started!

Print out this exercise sequence, review the demo video and give it a go!

Back Yard Boot Camp: Abs Session

Do each exercise for 30 seconds

Warm up:

Jog in place

Hip Openers

Arm Circles

Skip in Place

Round 1:

Bear Walks

Windshield Wipers

Mountain Climbers

(Repeat for a total of 3 sets)

Round 2:



V-Sit Beginner

(Repeat for a total of 3 sets)

Round 3: 

Plank Jacks

Lunge Kicks

Sumo Toe-Touches

(Repeat for a total of 3 sets)

Cool Down:

Jog in place

Toe Touches

Side Stretches

Arm Swings

Leg Swings

Great job!

How to be a great influencer

How to be a great influencer
Rianna Poskin
I just attended my high school soccer coach/chemistry teacher’s celebration of life. After leaving it I couldn’t let his influence on others stop at this gathering. 
I knew what I knew, which was that this man, who was not married and didn’t have any kids, was the biggest giver I’ve ever met. 
As a teacher he would grade his assignments and tests within 24 hours out of respect for his students. If he was expecting them to work hard and put in the effort to get their work and tests in, then he was going to honour that by letting them know how they did quickly.
He volunteered for as much as he could. Depending on where you live you might not know how the Canadian extra curricular activities are run. They are completely voluntary and if no one steps up, the programs get dropped.
On numerous occasions this man would go from sport season to sport season running as much as he could because no one else wanted to.
There’s more to what he taught me, but…
This is what I learned from others at his celebration of life:
  • He would always bring flowers for the “woman of the house” wherever he visited
  • He always brought gifts for kids when he visited
  • He would write letters of recommendations for students
  • He would be on call for references when students needed to get into schools
  • He would help his friends with anything they needed and would drop his own stuff to make it happen
He was there for everyone, with a smile, a handshake/hug and eyes that were true and present.
I don’t know if you believe in the universe sending messages. I believe that when we’re in different situations it’s nice to hope that the universe is listening and will respond with some kind of guidance.
I bring this up because the night after the celebration of life I was thinking about how much of aninfluence this man had on not just me, but a whole room full of people, and then some because not everyone could make it.
As I was thinking this a firefly blinked at my window.
I didn’t think much of it and kept on thinking of how I want to make a difference for others.
The fire fly came back…
Then I thanked (in my head) my teacher and friend for being the person he was so that I could learn and develop into the person that I want to become.
The fire fly came up to my window and flashed over and over and over again.
I told my friend how much he meant to me and that I would not let his teachings die with him. I wished him peace, calmness and happiness…and said good bye.
The fire fly flashed one more time and then flew away.
Maybe the firefly was just curious and hanging around our window….
I like to think differently…
To sum this up…
In a world full of challenges, stresses and obstacles…
There are people that we meet that help us through these moments to find:
Love, happiness, and calmness.
I really hope that you are surrounded by these kinds of people and if you’re not aware that they exist, stop and pay attention… the universe might just send you who you need.
Thanks for listening my friends!
May you do great things in your life and help others along the way just as my teacher did for me!
With love,
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Backyard Boot Camp Arm Workout!

woman-with-fit-arms_cvekteBackyard Boot Camp Arm Workout

by Rianna Poskin




If you want to get sculpted arms and you’re away from the gym or you don’t have any equipment this workout is for you!

Do Each Exercise for 30 Seconds

Warm up:


Arm Swings

Side Arm Swings




Side Plank (30 seconds on both sides)

Bicep curl using leg for resistance 

Triceps extension lying on side (30 seconds on both sides)

Do 3 Complete Circuits With 30 Second Breaks In Between

Cool Down:

Arm Circles

Chest Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Arm Circles


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Backyard Bootcamp 4 Station Circuit Workout


Backyard Bootcamp 4 Station Circuit Workout


Rianna Poskin

When you’ve got a short amount of time and you want to get in a really good workout try this!

Do Each Exercise For 30 Seconds




Side Shuffle

Quick Hops


Station 1: Push-Ups

Station 2: Squat Back Kick

Station 3: Horse Flips

Station 4: Jumping Squat

Do 3 complete Circuits!

Cool Down:


High Knees

Side Shuffle

Butt Stretch


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23 Minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout

workout23 Minute HIIT Workout

by Rianna Poskin






Do each for 30 seconds:

  • Jog
  • Toe Touches
  • High Knees
  • Arm Circles

Round 1:

Do each for 30 seconds

  • Crab Walks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Horse Plank Hold

Repeat for a total of 3 Sets

Round 2:

  • Duck Walks
  • High Knees
  • Plank Hold

Repeat for a total of 3 Sets

Round 3:

  • Lunge Walks
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Spider Planks

Repeat for a total of 3 Sets

Cool Down:

  • Jog
  • Toe Touches
  • High Knees
  • Arm Circles
  • Leg Swings



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1 Easy Way To Boost Your Immune System

Rianna Poskin
For those that want to stay in good health all year round, prevent common illnesses and kick colds/flus quickly:

Are you busy and don’t have time to get sick?

Are you taking care of others and need to be healthy to continue to care for them?

Do you have kids or elderly family that you want to help stay healthy?

Do you suffer from colds, allergies, digestive problems, respiratory problems or other illnesses that make it hard to perform daily activities…THIS is for you!

strong immune system is the foundation of health.

In order to stay healthy the body needs the right fuel. Once the body has the basic fuel then it has a better chance to fight off anything coming its way! 

So, let’s give ourselves exactly what we need to have a fighting chance!

I’ve got the best fuel with the easiest way of consuming it!

A very simple way of boosting an immune system is eating well, we all know that!

Having plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand can give the body exactly what it needs to stay healthy.

Unfortunately some live in climates where fruits and vegetables aren’t available all year round…

Some can’t find the time to consume the fruits and vegetables that they pay good money for…

Some don’t like the taste of certain fruits and vegetables that are the most healthy!

Here’s the solution:

For kids that don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables,


For adults that need healthy eating in the shortest amount of time,

at desk

For elderly that have a hard time consuming and digesting food…



kid drinking

I’ve got a super foods combo of Super Reds and Earth Greens that contains 5.5 pounds of fruit per serving and 5.5 pounds of vegetables per serving!

When you Drink your fruit (The Super Reds) You:


  • 5.5 lbs. of whole food, dense super fruit per serving
  • Alkaline (pH balanced)
  • Up to ORAC value / score: 202,000
  • OPC’s, adaptogens, antioxidants, ionic minerals, phytonutrients & xanthones
  • Resveratrol
  • Vegan, enzyme dense, live, raw, wildcrafted, whole food nutrition
  • Ionic charge makes the product isotonic (most absorbable / bioavailable)
  • No heat pasteurization / no heat dehydration
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Only 5 calories per serving
  • Add to water or enjoy straight like a pixy stick
  • Addictively delicious organic berry taste

Who is this best for?

  • Blood sugar management
  • Cardiovascular health & protection
  • Cellular energy
  • Cleanses the body
  • Digestive health
  • Energy / stamina / vitality
  • Free radical damage
  • Immune system function
  • Metabolism
  • Stress
  • Swelling
  • Telomere DNA health
  • Weight management
  • Yeast management

The second half of this powerful combo are the Earth Greens:

Drink Your Vegetables (The Greens):


  • 5.5 lbs. of organic*, whole food, dense vegetation per serving
  • Alkaline (pH balanced)
  • Antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, omega 3 fats
  • Amino acids, chlorophyll, electrolytes, phosphorous
  • Minerals, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins K, C, E, & many B vitamins
  • Vegan, enzyme dense, live, raw, wildcrafted, whole food nutrition
  • Ionic charge makes the product isotonic (most absorbable / bioavailable)
  • No heat pasteurization / no heat dehydration

Who is this best for?

  • Blood sugar management
  • Cardiovascular health & protection
  • Cellular energy
  • Cleanses the body
  • Cholesterol management
  • Disease protection
  • Digestive health
  • Eye damage
  • Elimination
  • Energy / stamina / vitality
  • Free radical damage
  • Immune system function
  • Metabolism
  • Neutralizes acid
  • Stress

No wasted organic produce, no fights getting healthy food in people that don’t like it, no problem digesting!

 This is called “The Power Punch” for good reason!

power punch

You get both The Reds and The Greens for an Amazing Price!

Click the “join and save tab” once you’re on the sales page and see how you can save even more! 

Load up on these super foods and give your immune system the fuel it needs to keep you healthy!

Click the big blue button and you’ll be directed to my sales page!



The FDA has not evaluated this statement. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

What you need to know about “tubes” before your child gets them.

image1What you need to know about “tubes” before your child gets them.

by Rianna Poskin

(Image: My son and his Osteopath)

Our 2nd son wasn’t hearing very well and therefore not speaking very well. We had his hearing tested and he had a 30% hearing loss due to fluid that was build up in his ear. 

This fluid was making his ear drum impossible to vibrate and therefore not able to work the way that it’s supposed to.

Our Ear Nose and Throat Specialist told us the only treatment is to have tubes put in.

As I’ve researched, this is NOT the only form of treatment!

ear tube

Here’s a dumbed down explanation of what the tubes do and why they are recommended:

“Tympanostomy tubes, ventilation tubes, or PE [pressure equalization] tubes) are tiny tubes that are inserted through the ear drum and perform a number of functions:

ear tube inserted

  • The tube prevents many ear infections by allowing air in the middle ear to exchange freely with the outside air this helps keep infection from coming to the ear.
  • The exchange of proper air flow improves the pressure in the ear which causes a lot of the problems related to infections.
  • When the tube is in place the fluid can drain on it’s own and air flow continues to exchange.
  • Medication can administered directly to the site of the infection using antibiotic/steroid ear drops.

Why is this so common?

The child’s anatomy is often the problem. 

When kids are smaller their head hasn’t developed completely yet and the angle of the “Eustacian tube” is more sideways then it is downward. This doesn’t let gravity naturally pull the fluid down to drain and therefore the fluid can build up created a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infections.

There is an alternative to surgery!!!!! And it’s awesome!

Here’s what a child’s Eustacian tube looks like compared to an adult:

eustacian tube


See the problem? It’s the anatomy! The kids head hasn’t elongated yet to allow for the fluid to drain down.

So what’s an alternative to surgery that helps with the anatomy?

Cranialsacral Therapy or Osteopathy:

Our head is composed of many bones which were not fused when we were born so that we could pass through the birth canal. (All mamas can be very thankful for this!)

When we reach approximately 2 years of age these bones fuse together. 

Many doctors believe that this is a permanent fusion and that these bones can no longer move.

However, there is a medical practice that doesn’t believe this and its entire philosophy on healing is the ability to adjust these bones very slightly:

“Craniosacral therapy (CST) or cranial-sacral therapy, cranial osteopathy, are forms of bodywork or alternative therapy using therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. A practitioner of cranial-sacral therapy may also apply light touches to a patient’s spine and pelvis.”

I asked our Osteopath and Cranaisacral Therapist: Ravi- Inder Soligo what adjustments he makes in order to relieve the pressure blocking the Eustacian Tube in order to open it up and allow for the fluid to drain again. He said 2 areas were important to look at

1. The Temporal Bone:

temporal bone

2. The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ):


These 2 areas can be adjusted in order to make room for the anatomy of a child to slightly change. 

After our son had tubes put in 2 times I wanted to look for an alternative to having to replace them every year.

The tubes get pushed out as the child grows and fall out on their own. Often parents won’t notice until an ear infection comes on again or a child starts losing their hearing again.

Until they are around 5-7 years of age the head development won’t change significantly enough to have the fluid drain naturally.

Our son had tubes put in 2 times. His first set went in just before his 2nd birthday. The second set went in a year later.

This cycle would continue to happen until his head develops completely.

The tubes are a temporary fix, not a solution.

How many sessions does a child need with Osteopathy in order to see results?

Our therapist said in most cases 1-2 treatments is enough to see huge improvements. (So long as you’re seeing a good therapist!)

After we had 2 treatments I mentioned to Ravi-Inder that our son had improvements but there was still hearing loss based on his hearing test. 

Based on this he adjusted his treatment by working on the scar tissue on the Eustacian tube which was there because of the “tube” surgery.

Since then our son has been doing amazingly well.

He was just discharged from his Speech Pathology (which he needed because he wasn’t able to hear well enough to articulate his sounds properly).

He no longer asks us to repeat ourselves, he no longer asks us to turn up the radio volume, and he no longer speaks to us in a loud voice.

We continue to have routine check ups with our Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist and have routine hearing tests done.

This summer there won’t be a need to put ear plugs in and cover his head every time we go swimming or go to the splash pad.

He is a happier kid, a healthier kid and more loving kid.

If you are going down the surgery route try and boost your child’s immune system so they have a great chance of fighting off the infection and recovering well from surgery. Here’s my Immune Booster suggestion for kids.

If you choose to try Osteopathy or Cranio-Sacral Therapy…

I hope you have a Ravi-Inder in your life! 


Why I would refer my real estate agent

soldWhy I would refer my real estate agent.

by Rianna Poskin

My brother, who is a real estate agent, asked me after we recently bought and sold our homes what we liked best from our agent and what would have helped us that we didn’t know in the selling process.

I’ll share with you what I shared with him in the hopes that other agents can satisfy their clients needs, as well as get referrals in the future.

The things I liked best from our agent:

  1. Professionalism: this goes without saying. If you don’t represent yourself well other’s won’t take you seriously. Being polite, courteous, and honest goes a long way. Real Estate Agents can get bad reputations quickly and that’s hard to come back from.
  2. Prompt replies: If we had questions or concerns about something our agent made himself available to reply. If he was tied up he would let us know that we’d get a response in a timely manner. This meant a lot as selling a home can be stressful and it’s nice to stay in the loop!
  3. Marketing exposure: We had a lot of traffic through our home which came from good marketing. Social media played a big role in our exposure in the local area. Building up your local presence through social media is so important so that the organic reach of your posts is well received.
  4. Follow up: even though the deal was done and commissions were paid our agent made the effort to personally come to our home when we moved in to bring us a house warming gift. (Click here for my best housewarming pick!)

Ideas for agents to go the extra mile for their clients:

  1. Staging advice: create a short PDF of all of the best staging ideas to show a house at it’s best. I didn’t know this information and tried to do the best that I could knowing what I did!
  2. Appointment checklist: when someone books an appointment to see your home it needs to be in great shape. I have 3 kids and found that a checklist of simple things made my house spotless within a short amount of time. Things on my checklist were: remove laundry, take down baby gates, tuck away toiletries and turn up the heat in the home. This helped me when I had to get out of the house quickly.
  3. Review information from potential buyers: when my agent had information from the people that went through our home he’d send us the “likes and dislikes” from the clients. This helped us make changes within our house so that when the next group came through it was more likeable to the general public.

All in all I feel like our experience working with real estate agents was a team effort. It was on our agent to get potential buyers into the house and it was on us to show the house well in order to get offers. Then back on our agent to get the deal done!

We sold our house in 6 days (right before Christmas)! We probably would have sold sooner but we held off on offers until after the weekend open house to gain more interest. Our market was a unique situation where houses were selling quickly. 

Even if your market isn’t moving homes as fast, I hope these little tips will help your agent find ways to make your particular home the exception! 

Real Estate agents rely on referrals for future business. Business will grow naturally if each and every one of your clients is treated respectfully and professionally! We were well treated which is why I’d refer my Real Estate Agent!

(You might be wondering why I didn’t go with my brother for representation…3 hour flights are just a little too long to take us on as clients!)

Have fun in the market!

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The best house warming gift

well-dressed-man-holding-jewelry-box-in-restaurant-royalty-free-image_89175f4e06a0b91eAre you running around at the last minute trying to pick up a gift for a friend, client, or loved one when you visit their home?

People always go with plants.

Personally I love plants and am happy to care for them but not everyone has a green thumb and will keep them alive to see your next visit!

For those of you looking for something special, well thought out, well received by the home owner, this is for you:

Help them make their house their home!


  • Every single ingredient in this entire package of home essentials is 100% Organic and NonToxic
  • Each product in this package is what the average person uses daily
  • Each product is a practical choice for the home owner yet it goes beyond practical by eliciting a feeling of pampering!
  • This is an exceptionally special gift for home owners with kids. Each and every product in this package ensures “0” chemical exposure and “0” toxins. The parents will love you for it!


toxic free

Are you shopping for multiple clients, friends, or loved ones? Make sure you check out the “Join and Save” Tab to learn how to get 30% off of all orders for LIFE

This package is great for:

  • Real Estate Agents buying for new home owners
  • A family with a new baby
  • Elderly person going into a new residence
  • Old friends visiting after a long absence
  • Special holidays when you need something quick to give as a gift
  • And so many more!

Your clients, your friends, and your loved ones will really appreciate the sentiment that went into this thoughtful gift!

To making others smile!

Happy Shopping!