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Dear Health Seeker, Fitness Enthusiast, Lover of The Outdoors, and anyone that wants amazing lifelong health:

Have you gotten to a point in your life where you know you need to make health changes? This is for you.

Have you heard health statistics in the media that makes you worry about how it will affect you and your families health? This is for you.

Have you been diagnosed with an illness and want to take control of your future? This is for you.

Lastly…if you want to feel empowered by implementing a strategy to improve your lifelong health… THIS is for you!

When I first started studying nutrition and exercise science I was taught the basics: eat protein to build muscle, carbohydrates for energy, and avoid excess fat in order to keep off excess weight.

Now we need to factor in new criteria…

  • Are their added hormones in my meat (protein) that will affect MY hormonal system?
  • Are their pesticides on my vegetables that will add harmful chemicals to my body?
  • I was told to stay away from fatty food, but now I’m learning I need healthy fats!

Nutrition has gotten complicated because although our intentions are good, we don’t always know what could harm us from the additives in our foods and drinks.



Whether you have already started your health research or you’re just starting, this strategy is for you!

For 1 Month I want you to eliminate toxins in foods/drinks and personal care products as best as possible. Don’t worry, I’m here to HELP!

“Research is probing the effects of synthetic chemicals on human health”, it’s an ongoing investigation with growing concern. []

This is why I want to help!

There has never been a better time to evaluate your daily toxic exposure and assess the impact it has on your health.

This 1 Month strategy will help you detox your entire system without going on an extreme diet.

What you’re going to implement is 100% nontoxic and organic products/supplements, while making healthy lifestyle choices that make you feel good.

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If you’ve done detoxes in the past then you know how challenging they can be. This will be really easy for you!

If you’ve always wanted to do a detox but haven’t gotten around to it, this will be a great way to ease yourself into a gentle cleanse!

All of the hard work has been done for you! Anyone serious about making health changes can do so in 1 Month.

We will be using 300 Organic Farmers to help us out!

I can’t WAIT for you to feel better simply by using what these farmers have grown for you!



Everybody is eligible to choose 1 below wholesale health package that Essante Organics has created. Essante Organics is going to give a BIG DISCOUNT to every starter package purchaser.

On top of the discount you will also receive a lifelong wholesale membership so you can continue on your health journey at a great price!

The body has a better chance to absorb what it’s craving, nutrients, and detox what it’s holding onto, toxins when you don’t reintroduce new toxins on a regular basis.

Did you know that the average person is exposed to over 120 Toxic Chemicals before 9am, simple from the personal care products they use?

It wasn’t always like this.

This is where we need to understand how our health is compromised from toxic exposure and how we can make simple changes that will drastically help longterm.

There are 8 different packages to choose from. Based on your health goals you’ll choose the appropriate package for YOU.

Example Goal: Weight Loss

The weight loss package is not only intended to help you shed excess body fat, it could also help you lose 2-20 pounds worth of toxins and other waste that gets stored in the body.

These packages are NOT designed for a quick fix. These packages are designed to help you create a LIFESTYLE that will last a lifetime.

Essante Organics has designed these packages with specific goals in mind. There has NOT been anything left to chance as each product has been combined with others in order to maximize health results.

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“Since starting with Essante Organics Products I have improved my overall health 95% in 20 months” ~Pat Kessinger, Previously taking 9 medical prescriptions, then dropped to 2.5 prescriptions in Nov/15

“Less than a week ago I had a massive allergic reaction and my face not only blew up like a balloon but was somehow burned… I was so miserable and scared that my face of all things would never be the same… I doubled up on my Essante Organics vitamin C cleanser, and sprayed the sanitizer as a mist, two to three times each day… day one I rested and slept, put nothing on my face, day two I began my essante treatment, these pics are from Thursday to Monday …Four days later! I love Essante… this is my simple, low cost and extremely effective daily toxic free facial treatment testimonial” ♥Iris Gilmore


These are just 2 examples of many simple changes that helped improve unique health situations. 

ORDER NOW and see how your situation could change!

You will order your package online and it will be shipped directly to you.

Your health transformation starts as soon as your package is delivered to your front door!

mailSHOP NOW and let’s get you started!

How to shop:

1. Watch this quick tutorial on “How to buy my below wholesale starter package”.


package inclusions


2. Click the green button below, then click “JOIN AND SAVE” at the top of the website. Follow the video instructions outlined above!

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This 1 Month strategy will work differently for different people. Before starting any new health program always consult with your healthcare provider. We stand behind our products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee . I wish I could predict how your health will transform when you follow this strategy but there’s no possible way to determine that. Each situation is unique and should be treated as such.

Please note: The FDA has not evaluated this statement. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 


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