Youth Sport Podcast Episode 14: Stephanie Daniel

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Episode 14

Stephanie Daniel


Stephanie Daniel is an elementary school physical educator. Stephanie played Division 2 NCAA Soccer at California University of Pa and has been coaching and teaching ever since. Stephanie’s story is unique in that she moved with her family all over the place due to her husband’s military assignments. Sport helped her with each move as she would coach and join teams in order to be a part of the community. This conversation is about how sport can not only help a young person meet friends and feel included, it’s how adults can as well!

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Here’s what we talked about:

  • Being college roommates!
  • Being a “tomboy” with lots of energy
  • How to be creative as a kid and incorporate movement in creative play
  • Recognizing when a kid needs to release energy and not wasting practice or gym time standing around
  • Creative ways to get kids moving
  • How much teachers are doing during the pandemic
  • Getting the idea of being able to play soccer in University and then realizing the work it would take to make it happen
  • Feeling intimidated in the weight room
  • Being appreciative of how far women’s sports and training has come
  • What it’s like to move around in a military family and how sport helps to feel included
  • Advice to help kids that have to move homes due to the family situation
  • Watching kids play together even though they don’t understand each others languages
  • Instilling responsibility with kids in order for them to be more aware of their surroundings
  • How elementary school students are doing at Stephanie’s school during the pandemic
  • How to boost kids moods with fun movement ideas
  • Listening to kids ideas and implementing them
  • Having clear expectations and mutual respect with kids

And now, our conversation:

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