Youth Sport Podcast Episode 15: Sylvie Tetrault

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Episode 15

Sylvie Tetrault

From being a youth athlete, to working with the pros, Sylvie Tetrault joins me on The Youth Sport Podcast. Sylvie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Sylvie shares her vast knowledge in sports nutrition and performance on her co-hosted podcast: Championship Lifestyle and just released a new podcast called “Leaders in sport”.

On this episode we talk about Sylvie’s love of Rugby, her work with professional athletes and how youth sport coaches can simply add in conversations around food, training and recovery with their youth athletes. It was a great chat!

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Here’s what we talked about:

  • How we can relate to professional athletes and how the pandemic is affecting everyone
  • Sylvie was a multi-sport athlete but she found her main sport in rugby
  • What she learned from rugby and how a volleyball coach made an impact
  • How a kid can cope when they feel too much pressure
  • What burn out looks like and how we can be pro-active in preventing it.
  • What is REDS? Relative Energy Deficiency, why this is important
  • Fuel: Nutriton, how can we help youth athletes in simple ways
  • How can we talk about food so we don’t cause eating disorders?
  • Abundance vs Scarcity…not good vs bad food categories
  • How to reassess nutrition goals with teams
  • Supplement with youth athletes
  • The most common nutritional deficiency with young female athletes
  • Training: how can we assess what our athletes need and implement proper training when we might not have a strength and conditioning background?
  • Are we doing too much?
  • “Teach them how to be strong in those positions”
  • “Strength is where they get their power”
  • How to fill our ideal “training bucket” and how we can assess if we’re doing too much or too little.
  • Standardized testing model to assess progress
  • Recover: “If you’re not recovering, you’re not performing”
  • What’s going on in the 22 hours outside of games/practices?
  • “There isn’t long, healthy performance without recovery”
  • “People aren’t making the connection between sleep and performance”
  • “Sleep is free!”
  • How a coach can recognize a need for more recovery and incorporate it into practices.

And now…our conversation:

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