Youth Sport Podcast Episode 16: Chris Hardill

chris-h-b-and-wYouth Sport Podcast

Episode 16

Chris Hardill

What’s it like to be a hockey goalie taking shots at 100mph? Chris Hardill tells me all about it! Chris left home in his teenage years to pursue his hockey dream. We talk about what it was like to live with a billet family and the life lessons he learned.

Chris had the privilege to play in the Ontario Hockey League with the Ottawa 67’s, Kingston Frontenacs and the Barrie Colts. He has helped teams scout goalies and he’s done work in broadcasting. We discuss how sport opens the door to networking and work within the game after retirement.

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Here’s what Chris and I talked about:

  • The current pandemic situation and what that means for young kids pursuing their sport dreams
  • What it’s like to move away from home at a young age for sport
  • Chris’ youth in sports, being a multi sport athlete
  • Wanting to be a hockey goalie and having parents support that dream
  • Overcoming losses and learning from them
  • Remembering that when we’re watching youth sport, we’re watching kids.
  • “Don’t overthink…that’s when you get into trouble”
  • Playing against “Men” as a 16 year old
  • Playing goes by fast, savour it
  • Some of the best memories were playing junior hockey…even for Chris’ NHL buddies
  • Unstructured play, no pressure on the backyard rink, playing at home with Mike Fischer
  • Having a Dad who specifically said “There’s no pressure from me!”
  • The work ethic it takes to get to the NHL
  • Taking shots early on from Mike Fischer and Marc Savard
  • Being a hockey goalie might not be as risky as you might think
  • Being the “goalie parent”
  • Having to choose which sport to pursue: hockey or baseball
  • Feeling embarrassed in front of 10,000 fans and then having to regroup and perform!
  • What it’s like to live with a billet family
  • Living with a teammate in the billet house and still being friends as adults
  • Being a soft spoken and courteous kid and having people not believe he was a hockey player
  • Moving away from home helped develop life skills
  • Balancing being a student athlete at an elite level
  • Making sure to have a plan if hockey didn’t work out
  • Networking and travelling because of sport
  • The way a coach can get the most out of a player
  • Advice to handle yourself professionally when you’re upset
  • Having to adjust life after retirement
  • Turning hockey into a career beyond a player
  • The importance of playing other sports
  • What scouts are looking for
  • The probability of “making it” as a hockey goalie

And now…the full conversation:

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