Youth Sport Podcast Episode 17: Desiree Markovich

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Episode 17

Desiree Markovich

From not playing Rugby until her 20’s to playing on the USA Rugby National team! Desiree Markovich shares her journey as a young multi sport kid to finding her community and passion in Rugby!

Desiree had to overcome 2 major deaths in her life back to back which led a lot of suffering. The game of Rugby and the people in the Rugby community helped her work through those losses in order to get back on track. We discuss how sport and coaches can help with kids dealing with life issues. We discuss the long road ahead for women in professional sports. We discuss how a coach can make an impact on a kid and how Rugby is a great outlet for young women.

Desiree has an incredible story, I hope you enjoy it!

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Here’s what Desiree and I talked about:

  • Desiree as a multi-sport athlete and how this helped a very active kid!
  • Desiree played soccer in college but quickly found Rugby, changed sports and actually hated it at first!
  • Desiree’s parents reaction to their daughter getting “clothes lined” in first Rugby game
  • How a coach’s encouragement helped Des find community
  • Understanding the “in’s and out’s” of Women’s Rugby
  • How to get scouted for US Women’s Rugby
  • Rugby culture
  • Desiree shares about losing 2 important people in her life, hitting rock bottom, and how she got help
  • The proper way to “hit” in Rugby
  • Respect is huge in Rugby
  • The work and the financial cost to get on the US Rugby team
  • Ten mental side of international competition
  • The reality of being a woman holding down a job in order to pursue a sport that doesn’t pay to play
  • What it feels like to represent your country away from home
  • How far Women’s Rugby still has to go
  • Injuries forcing Desiree to end her international play
  • What parents should know when their kid wants to play Rugby
  • “Just because you’re a good Rugby player doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good coach”
  • “Learn the safety of the movements before you learn how to teach it”
  • “Teach them to see the things I see”
  • “Our goal is to try and do this, so how do we do it?”
  • Although Rugby looks like chaos there is strategy to it
  • Advice to coaches
  • Coaching during a pandemic

And now…our conversation:

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